Tragic Event Prefaces CNN iReport use

Since the tragic death of Clemson student Tucker, the healthy Greek presence on campus has exploded after VP Gail, among others, announced that fraternities would cease activity. This comes after not only Tucker’s death, but allegations of hazing and sexual assault for several fraternities.

The Clemson family is mourning Tucker’s death, but the Greek ban ignited another issue- the use of iReport to condemn the Greek ban. Several students, most likely those involved in Greek life, have used CNN iReport to voice their distaste for the ban, saying that “It is time that the university shifts its focus from levying sanctions on its students to supporting these young men and women in their time of need.”

These posts are attacking the University for banning Greek life during a time of mourning for Tucker- and while voicing one’s own opinion is perfectly acceptable, I question the use of iReport to host such a biased article. It’s times like these that I encourage people to look towards unbiased news sources and make critical judgements about the issues at hand.

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