What’s Inside the Black Box? VIDEO UPDATE

My classmates and I decided to investigate the BlackBox further. You’ll see in the video what we found inside of the box…but what is it exactly?

Please note that the video is unlisted so you’ll only be able to access it from my blog. I’m sorry for the unprofessional nature of the video, but I did convince my class to take an impromptu field-trip to the BlackBox, so it was a spur of the moment video.

I have a theory- the people, most likely students, involved in the BlackBox stunt occasionally loiter around the box in order to Tweet from the account and report their findings. I assume that the account is run by several people. My classmates and I thought that it might be a commentary on current privacy issues within politics, because the BlackBox certainly seems like the CCTV of the future. I also assume that they are eating up all of the coverage that I’m giving them.

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