Preacher Ross Jackson Comes to Clemson

Please note that the video is unlisted so you’ll only be able to access it from my blog.

When I first heard Ross Jackson, he was yelling something that sounded like, “not all girls are sluts”. A man shouted in the crowd, “only sorority girls”. I weaved through the crowd, filming what I could with my phone. When I asked Jackson what he wanted to be when he was a child, he answered, “A garbage man…A football player…a motivational speaker.”

This was not my first rodeo with a campus preacher. In my freshman year of college, Brother Micah was the preacher du jour. Campus preachers generally follow the same script- arrive at campus; set up barricaded shop in the student union area, and start attracting a crowd with their preaching. There are mixed thoughts on campus preachers. Some people assume that they’re simply spreading their true beliefs. Some people think that they’re hoping to sue people who go past the barrier.

Ross Jackson wears a variation on a suit with a large pin reading, “NO HOMO”. He was born in Yonkers, NY and went to East Carolina University for college. His mother is Muslim. At Clemson, he was protected by a metal fence. A police officer stood to the side of the barricade, watching both students and Jackson.

Jackson chronicles his journey on his missionary blog and seems to enjoy the hate he receives, documenting it in one of his many blog posts. He thrives off of media attention, and attempts to use all media to his advantage, regardless of whether it looks favorably upon him.

At one point during the event, someone asked for his name. “Ross Jackson,” he said, before doing a double-take. “Why do you ask?”

“Because I just really wanted to know what your name is, sir.”

Jackson quailed; made a face. “I don’t know. It just seems really weird for a guy to just ask for your name.”

YouTube user William Yaeger filmed an interesting interview video with Jackson (also where I found info about Jackson’s youth):


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