Clemson Faculty Allies Hold Candlelight Vigil

Clemson University faculty members conducted a candlelight vigil on ThursdayB4mWw3XCIAEZ4jo, December 11th, at 7pm. The vigil was to honor “student protestors” and “those lost”, as the flyer states. This vigil is associated with the See the Stripes movement on Clemson campus, an effort spearheaded by poet and student A.D. Carson. The event took place on Clemson’s library bridge. Rhondda Thomas, Clemson English professor, organized the event with several other professors.

A few minutes before 7pm, students milled about on the bridge, awaiting the announcement of the vigil. Around 7:10, a wave of faculty, staff, and students appeared at one end of the bridge. They held tea lights protected by foil.

IMG_6417They formed a circle in the middle of the bridge, standing quietly, before Professor Thomas announced 4 and a half minutes of silence to honor the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. After 4 silent minutes, Professor Thomas signaled the group to begin reading a poem- a section of A.D. Carson’s poem, “See the Stripes”. I interviewed Dr. Thomas and Carson about See the Stripes earlier this year.

PLEASE NOTE: I’m currently on winter break. I will be back after winter vacation for my final semester at Clemson. Thank you to all who read and commented on my blog posts in 2014. I hope to make 2015 a great year for student journalism at Clemson. Please note that I won’t be updating as much during the next few weeks due to the holidays, but if something big does break at Clemson, you’ll definitely see an article.

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