Ushering in 2015 with Clemson News Updates and a Thank You

Hi readers- I’m still on break from Clemson University, but I did want to check in before the year starts anew. As far as I know, the campus has been relatively quiet during the holidays. Not unexpected. I have two updates that occurred over Clemson’s winter break:

  • The Greenville News reports that President Clements has announced plans to create a diversity council, among other initiatives. This is a follow up to my Cripmas report.
  • Cole Stoudt has redeemed himself in the eyes of Clemson fans everywhere. During the 2014 Russell Athletic Bowl broadcast, announcers discussed the overzealous hate Stoudt received through social media. I wrote about this in November.

I will return to Clemson in early January to continue my campus coverage. If you’d like me to cover a certain story, contact me at 

Finally, I want to thank everyone who follows and/or reads my blog. I could’ve never imagined how successful this blog would become. I will continue to produce quality content in the spring of 2015. It is incredibly fulfilling to spend my last year at Clemson doing what I love.

Thanks for everything, and have a happy and healthy New Year’s!

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