Meet the Candidates: Clemson Hopefuls Begin Their Presidential Bids

The game is afoot! It’s that time of year again- Undergraduate Student Body President campaign season. I’ve put together an info sheet of the three main candidates- the post will update as new information emerges.

(Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by presidential candidate’s last name)


Matt Abrams (Presidential Candidate)
Destinee Wilson (Vice Presidential Candidate)

Facebook: Matt & Destinee
Twitter: @mattanddestinee
Instagram: mattanddestinee
Hashtag: #ForAllStudents

Main Platforms (found on website):
“A Better Academic Experience”
“A Cleaner Clemson”
“An Inclusive Community”
“A Student Government That Works”



Shannon Kay (Presidential Candidate)
Shaq Thomas
 (Vice Presidential Candidate)

Facebook: Shannon & Shaq For Clemson
Twitter: @shannon_shaq
Instagram: shannon_shaq
#shannonandshaq; #DefiningourFuture, #UnitingourFamily

Main Platforms:
“Academic Initiatives”
“Military Emphasis”
“Healthy Eating”
“Disability Accessibility”
“Clemson Local Postings”



Kitt Moore (Presidential Candidate)
Raegan McCullough
 (Vice Presidential Candidate)

Facebook: Moore & McCullough
Twitter: @MooreMcCullough
Instagram: None as of February 3rd
#TigerTradition; #ForwardVision

Main Platforms (found on website):
“Parking Ticket Forgiveness”
“Dead Week Before Exams”
“Solar Picnic Tables”
“Agricultural Awareness”
“No To Athletic Fees”
“Academic Advising Reform”
“Director of Greek Affairs”
“Suicide Awareness and Prevention”
“Student Memorial Chapel and Garden”

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