Ben Tillman Teach-in and Tillman Hall Debate

Two events are happening on Tuesday night in relation to Ben Tillman and the Tillman Hall name debate.

The Tillman Teach-in is from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m in Academic Success Center 118. Professors Todd May and Chenjerai Kumanyika are the main coordinators.

Although they mentioned that the teach-in has no official name, they suggested the unofficial name of, “Ben Tillman:  Everything You Wondered Whether You Might Want To Know But Were Afraid You’d Learn.”

The co-coordinators explained the teach-in in an email:

“The teach-in will unfold by having five people present for 5-7 minutes each on the following topics:  family life, general views on race, agricultural reform, relation to Clemson, and political career [of Ben Tillman].  The rest of the hour will be taken up with questions and discussion.  The object is for everyone to leave the teach-in with a grasp of who the man was, so we can all pass it on to others and use it ourselves in discussions about Old Main Hall.”

See this flyer for the event occurring directly after the teach-in. Note that they are not co-events, but just happened to coincide on dates.



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