An Interview with CU-REPRO + A Blog Update

Replacements like knee and hip implants are important for many people- but these orthopedic implants often wear out or react negatively when implanted. Dr. John DesJardins is trying to change this with his creative inquiry program. I sat down with him to discuss the science of making implants stronger and last longer. This is part of my video series “What’s Happening Inside Clemson”.


You might be wondering why I haven’t posted as much recently…I’m graduating on May 8th! I’ve been finishing up classes and getting ready for my big day. This blog won’t end when I graduate, but as I won’t be in Clemson anymore after graduation, the direction of the blog will change.

Currently, I’m curating an Instagram project called a Month of Missing Clemson. I wanted to start transitioning into graduation-mode somehow, so I did what any self-respecting millennial does- I started an Instagram series.

Every day I post a photo of something I’ll miss about Clemson. You can find the photos on my Instagram. I use the hashtag #MonthofMissingClemson.


1 thought on “An Interview with CU-REPRO + A Blog Update

  1. I looked at every instagram photo and caption. Brought a tear to my eye. So glad that you loved Clemson and will miss it. It will stay in your heart forever! >

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