Interview with Oregon Public Broadcasting

2018 turned the tables on me. Instead of doing the interviewing, I was the one being interviewed!

On January 2nd, I spoke with Dave Miller with Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Think Out Loud program. We discussed my blog post and Vox article on harassment in local news.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

Working with OPB was a fantastic experience.26112417_2035654626461099_1217051890362708663_n Everyone I spoke with- the producer Julie, the host Dave- was incredibly professional and accommodating. We had an interesting discussion that further solidified why I care so much about this topic. I’m incredibly grateful to OPB for inviting me on their show.

I continue to receive messages from folks in the business who share their stories and thoughts. As I mentioned in my interview, the response has truly been powerful. I’m in awe of the number of men and women who’ve dealt with some horrendous behavior, and are brave enough to come forward with their stories.

That photo at the top of this post was my view during the interview. I was in the sunny (snowy) state of South Carolina at the time, so we did a remote interview from ARP Studio, just outside of Charleston.

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