I first found an interest in public speaking in 4th grade- from there, it turned into a love of not just being on camera, but shooting and editing my own videos as well. With each story, I bring my sense of excitement and authentic self to the screen.

To me, video storytelling is all about what I can bring to the viewer. Whether I introduce them to some adorable baby goats at a goat rescue, or teach them something new about sushi- I believe that every story is an adventure.

Edible Education (series)

Edible Education is probably my favorite series I’ve ever produced. Each episode, I talk to a different culinary expert about their food, drink or cuisine of choice. During each episode, we learn new things about the cuisine. I tackle everything from escargot to charcuterie to Ethiopian food.

Speak Out with Evening!

Okay, this is just a fun one. I had a blast playing Speak Out with Team Evening on our sister show, New Day Northwest.