Meet Me

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Hi! I’m Ellen Meny, storyteller extraordinare.

Sure, I’m tooting my own horn, but what better place to do it than on my own website’s Meet Me page?

I’m a content producer, writer and video professional based on the East Coast. What does that mean? I’m a jack of all trades in the world of marketing and content creation, adaptable and quick on my feet.

I write, shoot video, edit video, appear on camera, create marketing plans and whip up social media graphics. The only thing I don’t do is dance. Or sing. Sorry!

Before striking out as a freelancer and consultant, I spent seven years in local television news. I worked at KVAL News in Eugene, Oregon as a Multimedia Journalist and then at KING 5’s Evening Magazine as a Multiplatform Producer. Same job, different titles.

My other passion is writing. I’ve been writing fiction and non-fiction since middle school, when I arrived on the writing scene with my incredible Pokémon fanfiction. Yes, you’ve read far enough to gain an embarrassing fun fact about me. Congratulations.

Thankfully, I’ve graduated past Pokémon fanfiction. Several of my short stories have been published both in print and online, and you might’ve seen some of my articles floating around out there as well. My most well-known articles are a piece for Vox about sexual harassment in local news, and a personal essay for the American Tinnitus Association.

I do non-profit work for NAMI and the Stability Network. Raising awareness about mental health and is very important to me, and I feel strongly about using my platform as a public figure to be vocal about reducing the stigma around mental illness.

When I’m not doing any of the above, I’m usually reading, taking a leisurely run around the neighborhood, or playing the latest Pokémon game. You didn’t think I totally abandoned Pokémon in adulthood, did you?

3 Comments on “Meet Me

  1. stay strong, smart and brave I live in California and saw your blog article via Facebook VOX page. sorry for the creeps keep up the Good writing and reporting

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