What to Eat, See and Do in Vancouver, BC Oh, Canada! You're so awesome. I visited Vancouver, BC for a long weekend in July. I've been to Canada once before- I visited Montreal when I was very young. Unfortunately, my only lasting memory of the trip involves a shopkeeper angrily berating me in French. I forget why. So, I was excited to return … Continue reading What to Eat, See and Do in Vancouver, BC

Where to Find Some of the Best Waterfalls in Oregon

Oregon is clearly Mother Nature's favorite child. How could a state have so much green, so many waterfalls, such a variety of incredible nature...and not be a favorite? Sure, the rain can be an issue sometimes, but as someone once told me: "We need the rain- that's what keeps Oregon so green!" Now that our … Continue reading Where to Find Some of the Best Waterfalls in Oregon

My Tinnitus Article

Above is the photo of a very proud, very excited woman, holding the most challenging and rewarding article she's ever written (so far). I'm going to talk about that article soon. But first, I think you all need some background. In February 2014, I lost the ability to experience silence. To put it less dramatically, … Continue reading My Tinnitus Article

Interview with Oregon Public Broadcasting

2018 turned the tables on me. Instead of doing the interviewing, I was the one being interviewed! On January 2nd, I spoke with Dave Miller with Oregon Public Broadcasting's Think Out Loud program. We discussed my blog post and Vox article on harassment in local news. Click here to listen to the full interview. Working … Continue reading Interview with Oregon Public Broadcasting