Writing Portfolio

From personal essays to research articles to retirement retrospectives – I’m an adaptable and dynamic writer.

Why GABA may be one of the keys to understanding tinnitus

I turned a complicated scientific study on GABA’s relation to tinnitus into an easy to understand and interesting article for the American Tinnitus Association’s newsletter.

3 Women on What They’re Done Apologizing For

Writing as Jamie, I detailed a dramatic (in a good way) time during my television career when I decided to stop apologizing for who I am.

Local TV news has a harassment problem — from people who watch the news

A spate of harassment – and dozens of examples from other women in the TV industry – lead me to write this viral article.

Oregon Public Broadcasting’s show Think Out Loud interviewed me. Listen to the interview here.

A Renaissance Man Retires

I was hired to write several articles for the Dawson School in Colorado. One of my favorite was an article celebrating the retirement of a true character. (Article forthcoming)

Island Time

When the West Seattle Bridge closed, shutting off one of the most populous neighborhoods in Seattle from the rest of the city proper, I led readers on a tour of all that “West Seattle Island” had to offer.

Stories from Seattle: An Ode to the Perfect Roommate

The pandemic hit those that live alone hard, myself include. But luckily, I had the best roommate ever to keep me company: my hamster, Peachy Keen.

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