New City, New Job, New Blog Post!

Hello there!

Long time no see, right? It’s been a minute…

Well, I won’t keep you waiting. I moved and got a new job!

I am now part of KING 5’s Evening Magazine team in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington.

Evening Magazine airs at 7:30pm PT, Monday through Friday. It’s a show about everything Pacific Northwest- the people, the places and the food that makes Seattle (and beyond) so unique!

I’ll be reporting, shooting and producing for the show. My formal title is Multi-Platform Producer. I’ve already been able to see some pretty cool sights thanks to my job- like this $18 dollar hot dog at Deep Dive bar!


Yes, that’s caviar on a hot dog!

Will I continue running this blog? You bet! What will I post? Pretty much what I post now- whatever I want!

Thanks for reading this slightly self-indulgent post. Now, back to unpacking. I promise I’ll have some meatier content soon. Meatier than an $18 hot dog? We’ll see.

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