What’s New: Book News & More!

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a lovely beginning of spring! I thought posting the occasional "What's New" would be a good way to update y'all on what projects I'm working on, and when they're coming out! So, drum roll please... Pre-Order Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove! MY SHORT STORY IS GETTING PUBLISHED! You can find … Continue reading What’s New: Book News & More!

Getting Published + Where to Find the Book

Greetings, friends! Exciting news! One of my short stories will be published in an upcoming anthology, called Five Minutes at Hotel Stormcove. You can pre-order it right here. The book comes out in May. And a beautiful cover to boot! It's such a cool concept for a short story collection- all the stories happen at … Continue reading Getting Published + Where to Find the Book

A Trip to Victoria, BC

It's been a minute, hasn't it? I'm coming up for air after a whirlwind three months in Seattle, working for KING 5's Evening show! How do I like my new job? As an international fast food corporation once said: I'm lovin' it. No, McDonalds did not sponsor this post. But if they'd like to give … Continue reading A Trip to Victoria, BC

What to Eat, See and Do in Vancouver, BC

https://youtu.be/1xujDQl8Oxs Oh, Canada! You're so awesome. I visited Vancouver, BC for a long weekend in July. I've been to Canada once before- I visited Montreal when I was very young. Unfortunately, my only lasting memory of the trip involves a shopkeeper angrily berating me in French. I forget why. So, I was excited to return … Continue reading What to Eat, See and Do in Vancouver, BC